Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A trip to the bird park!

This past weekend we cashed in Evan's birthday present from Gigi and Pops-a fun trip to the Sylvan Heights bird park! It's been on our bucket list for a while now, and I was happy to check it off during our last week here in Wilson. I'm glad to report that we all really enjoyed it! Like at the best places, it was nestled in the middle of nowhere, a diamond in the town of Scotland Neck. :-)
Feeding the parakeets
Our second pic as a family of five!
Bennett was most looking forward to seeing a pink flamingo, and though they didn't emit the most beautiful sound, I have to say they were pretty stunning standing on those straw legs of theirs. You can feed most of the birds there, but beware the Hawaiian Goose-it couldn't resist Bennett's sticky fingers. ;-)

Evan's favorite bird is the toucan, so he was on a mission to find one from the start! Not only did he see one but he also came home with a stuffed animal toucan which, I kid you not, we've been looking for FOREVER! He's happy as a peach with his toucan to snuggle with.
Bird park, check!

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