Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Benny Bear at 6 weeks

Our Bennett is 6 weeks old today! At almost 2 months, he is bright eyed and alert, exploring the world with new neck muscles, and smiling sweet, non gassy smiles with the cutest cheerio mouth.
He is a snuggle bug and prefers to be held over any bassinet. As such, sleeps best in my arms or on my chest...let's just say, we're working on it haha! If cuddling were a crime he'd be sentenced to life I think, and that's alright by me. :-) Nicknames-Benny roo, Benny burrito("rito" for short), Bennett bear, and "the baby."

True to his manly nature, he is one gassy love! Thank goodness for baby gas drops-still a top 3 in my parent survival kit. Following close in big brother's footsteps(or maybe this is common of all babies this age), he doesn't cry very much during the day but has a very regular(almost by the clock) fussy period around the same time every night after his last feeding. Otherwise he is a very happy baby and seems to have a good, jovial disposition. Praise the Lord!
His look changes almost daily. Most people, from friends and family to total strangers at Target will say that he looks just like me, his mama. However, I also believe he looks almost identical to Evan at this age, who ironically favors Chris. Suffice it to say that our boys are just the perfect mix of the two of us! As for Bennett though, I am interested to see what color his eyes settle on...Evan's were brown by this time and Benny is still hanging on to those blues!

I can't believe 6 whole weeks has already passed us by. With every new coo and expression I feel his "newborness" slipping not so slowly away from me. He is holding his head up more these days and feels good and sturdy in my arms-not so much like the 8 pound wiggly worm I took home from the hospital. Even today I packed up the last of his newborn sized clothes and restocked his drawers with Evan's old 3 month-ers. These baby days are precious and fleeting, and come whine or shine, I want to embrace every one of them. :-)

Just for fun, how stinkin adorable is this outfit?
 And lastly, I could'nt leave out my big boys...they're pretty cute too!
PS-Look what I found-a blog post on Evan at 6 weeks old! Reason #ka-gillion on why I love blogging! How neat to compare-I had'nt realized that Evan's hair had all but fallen out by now-maybe there's hope for Benny after all!  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Survival" mode

I love our new family of four. With a toddler and a newborn in tow, the question I get asked most frequently by friends and family is without a doubt "How are you surviving?" And the truth is, very well! Of course, this season of life is bound to be a circus at times, but overall we are happy to say that our heads are happily above water. The hardest part of this new dynamic is by far the logistics and practical aspects of it all. It's not the two extra feet, but rather finding clean(and matching) socks to cover them with-that's the challenging part!

It's amazing how just one little person can add so much "extra" to a daily routine.  The car has reached maximum capacity(not to mention a new level of "garbage can" lol), my diaper bag is closely catching up, and the laundry-well it's overflowing. Two carseats plus two different sizes of diapers, times an extra change of clothes, minus 30 minutes of time gone to nursing a little one = one late mama! I've always considered myself a pretty on time kind of gal. Now, it's safe to say that punctuality has left the building-right behind freshly shampooed hair, a clean t-shirt and my size 2 jeans!

Today I fed, bathed, and enjoyed my two sweet boys-and that's pretty much all that got done! For the time being, that's alright by me. Sleep will return, a shower will come, and maybe just maybe I'll wear my favorite blue jeans again. Sure, I may have just half emptied the diswasher, but at least the silverware for dinner is on the table. :-) I did find some time for thank you cards, dustbusting and a little laundry(still in the dryer) somewhere in between-and thank goodness for that! For now and in this "newborn" season, I'm (learning to be) content to just be mom, and savor these precious and fleeting days with my two growing boys. As an aside, I saw this little poem on someone's facebook wall today-it's always made me smile a little but especially on a day like today. Like I said, I may  not be in survival mode, but my house surely is!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

These tiny days

I can hardly believe almost three weeks has passed since we welcomed Bennett into our little family. I am in love. Just like his brother, he has been a wonderful baby. He's eating, sleeping, and growing like a champ. Praise God for these wonderful, tiny days.
A new baby is so precious.  Their adorable folds and timeless wrinkles, billowing yawns and oh, need I comment on that scrumptious baby smell? I could swim in that scent.
I love his ten tiny toes. 
His rosy chipmunk cheeks and pink, puckered lips
 Tiny squeaks and wide, long stretches. Such little hands.
As I sit here and blog, snuggling with my sweet, small "Benny bear," I can't get enough of these tiny moments.