Thursday, May 19, 2016


It's about time for a house update! In one word-SOLD! We are so so thankful and honestly a bit shocked that our home sold in just 3 days, in it's very first weekend on the market. Words really don't begin to explain the relief, gratitude, excitement, and surprise of it all. Since then we've been going non stop, securing a new home sweet home and preparing to say goodbye to this one.

On the heels of a home appraisal yesterday, we had the first of three inspections done this morning and, though we know who is really in control, I can't help biting my nails through these next few weeks!

Without a doubt it's going to be a bitter and sweet transition. I have a beyond amazing mama network here in Wilson. We will miss our friends, our church, the sweet kiddos I've seen grow alongside my boys, and even our local Target employees! But as I've said to so many, I'll take a "see you later" over a goodbye anyday. And, we are all excited for the adventure ahead and eager to redeem some quality family time-Chris is excited to cut out an hour and a half each DAY from his commute!
I thank God every time I pull into our driveway past this sign!
From Wilson to Morrisville we go!!!

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