Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Buzz says it all. And no, I would'nt change a thing! Here's a little glimpse into our life lately as we get ready for Spring. Basically, this is a small sampling of the pictures on my camera from the last week or so. A friendly warning before you forge ahead(or, scroll below)...there will be clutter!

 This past weekend we got a gorgeous taste of Spring. Saturday morning greeted us with plenty of sunshine and so we took advantage. First, we loaded up the boys and their scooters and tried out our local skatepark for the first time. My instagram contained the hashtag #accidentwaitingtohappen because truly I'm not ready to enter this new space of boy world. After riding around a few minutes we played at the park before grabbing a few cupcakes from a new bakery in town and heading home. The above picture was taken post nap, pre-bath(thus the lack of clothing) and was fast gone. I'm still working on pulling out the artsy craftsy genes. However, it was fun while it lasted!
And here...well this is the perfect picture of an everyday occurance in this household. Iron man racing cars in his bed(who knows how many are parked underneath those sheets!). Bennett is pictured below, sporting his infamous "whodoneit" face...guilty as charged, I believe he jammed some cheerios in that unfortunate jack in the box.
The sillies last all day with this littlest boy. From using his tactical maneuvers to avoid getting dressed, to playing pretend on the potty(no comment), this boy keeps me on my toes.
This is our couch most mornings. Otherwise captioned "I spy." I may or  may not have picked up a few things before taking this picture lol, but such is life with littles. I try to pick up before we leave the house, but this is a more accurate picture of what we sit on in real life...clotheshangers!
This morning we went to the library. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we love our local library! I've included these pictures here because these books are dearly loved in our house, and I can't imagine a normal week without storytime. Rain or shine, the library is always open!
How adorable is this picture below? My handsome big boy was insistent on wearing his bow-tie this particular morning to look nice for a sweet friend of his. They grow up so fast!
Lastly, I couldn't do a completely sporadic overview of our life lately without this pup. This is an older picture, but it captures this doggie's everyday space very well. That is, when he's not terrorizing the boy's toys or laying in wait near the breakfast table.
That's all folks. I hope to start posting more often...I see home improvement projects on the horizon!