Friday, June 6, 2014

The first cut

The time had come. At 2 and a few, it was time for Bennett's very first big boy haircut. It may or may not have been long overdue...

A mountain of anticipation preceded this moment. Months of what I call the "battle royal" of hair ensued back and forth between Chris and I. To cut, or not to cut. 

Well, it was time. The pancake syrup said it, his sweaty neck in the hot summer sun told us so. The detangler agreed. And the well meaning old ladies in line at the supermarket commenting on "her" beautiful hair? Well I had just plain had it up to here with that.

Drumroll come the before and afters...
I'm happy to say that a few curls stuck around. His first haircut was a glowing success, and we are so pleased with how it turned out. Did it usher in his boyhood? Only by a few inches. ;-) He is as handsome as ever! His hair is still long and totally "Bennett." It's not a drastic departure from the former look, but it IS clean, off his shoulders, above his eyes and safely out of girl zone! It's just enough change for this mama's heart to handle.

First cut? Check! He's got the lollipop to prove it. :-)