Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dear April

Dearest April,
Where has the month gone? Home buying and toddler totting has all but eatin you up! At the start of the month, having found our new home sweet home, we were in the very beginning process of applying for a loan and knew we were in for a long, nail biting 30 days of paperwork, appointments, phone calls and "please sign heres."

Alongside of preparing to move and packing, I've also been busy getting our Raleigh townhome ready for a new renter. More contracts, emails trails and countless calls back and forth to our favorite Raleigh realtor (not to mention miles!).

And amidst the home crazyiness, our two boys have kept us capitol "B" busy! Evan turned two on April 25th, and Bennett has grown into quite a smiley, wide eyed two month old. Because of the moving whirlwind, we're planning on having Evan's birthday party in a few weeks.  We celebrated his actual birthday with Chick-fil-a(on "all you can eat nugget night" no less), a Nemo cupcake from Harris Teeter and the best present ever-his first little four wheeler! This boy was born to ride(and eat cupcakes).
So April, we have been busy living life with you. We thought you were going to drag on forever, but in fact we blinked and are left wondering where in the world you went. Here's to a month well worn! Now, lets bring on the May flowers. :-)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Raleigh Doggie Day

A few years ago a young, carefree couple took their sweet puppy to downtown Raleigh for a special day-the annual SPCA 3k.
Two homes, three years, a toddler and a newborn later, we revisited this fun event.
Needless to say things were a little different this time around. Our clock was set by naptime. The trunk of our SUV filled with a double sit n stand and armed with extra baby supplies. Diaper bag, camera, carseat and stroller in hand, we set out for the streets of downtown Raleigh. Oh, and we brought the dog too!
We were so happy to make it this year. Just about every inch of Moore square was covered by doggie paws, and it was downright, dowgone CUTE!

I love sharing these moments with our ever growing family, and look forward to many more memories made in the years to come.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Way to grow!

A few milestones to mention from earlier this week...

First, Bennett had his two month well baby check up. And secondly, I survived the pediatricians appointment! Seriously, towing two under two is no simple task on an everyday errand, but the doctor's office? Let's just say that there are many, many, many other places I'd rather be. Clean, happy places. Places with red dots. :-)

That being said, the check up went swimmingly. The wait was bearable, and the actual appointment rather uneventful-the best kind. Bennett got himself an A+,  was a sweetheart for the doc and is doing wonderfully. Here are his stats:

Weight-11 pounds, 9 oz. That's 2 pounds larger than at birth, and in the 50% percentile.
Height-23.5". That's in the 75th-95% percentiles, and a whopping two and half inches longer than birth.

Way to grow! :-)
Looks like my Benny Bear is going to be a string bean in comparison to his big bro! I was looking back on Evan's two month stats(blog here) and couldn't believe the difference. At two months, Evan weighed 13 pounds 8 oz and measured 24" long. Chunky monkey.:-) Just one of the many differences we're already beginning to see, and love, between our two boys!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Strawberries-my favorite time of year!

I believe the face explains it all...we came, we picked, and this little boy savored himself some sweet strawberries!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

8 Weeks so soon

Happy 8 weeks old Bennett! You have added so much joy to our little family these past two months, I can't imagine anything better than my boys!
You are smiling up a storm this week, and talking too! Here are some things I've learned about do not like a dirty diaper and are not afraid to let me know it, you love mommy and know my voice like none other, and daddy catches smiles from you freely. True to your cuddle bug spirit, you love to be "near" to us, always wanting to be part of the action. You are pretty observant for an 8 week old(which I attribute to you being awake for a good part of the day), I love seeing your big bright eyes scan the room as you discover new things.  And, you're holding your head up really well these days, which makes you look more like a baby and less like a newborn. Happiness is for you a paci, a belly full of milk and a good cuddle.

The theme of this week has been establishing a routine. So far we've got the basics down-a 7:30ish waketime, eating every 3 hrs, etc-but are still working to fill in the spaces with regular naptimes. Abiding by babywise the second time around has been a tad more challenging A)because we've got big brother's schedule to stick to and B)because your a different baby. As you grow into yourself and look less like your big brother Evan, I'm realizing this more and more-that you are wholly your own sweet person with your own unique personality. I am so thankful for you and the person God created you to be.
Please, stop growing already!

Monday, April 2, 2012