Friday, July 12, 2013

Growing up-17 Months

He waves "bye bye," can sip from a straw, and is wearing more shirts without snaps. And, though I'm trying even now to block it from memory, he certainly did climb/fall out of his crib the other day. By all appearances, our Bennett bear is growing up.

Living in the day to day mess and excitement of it all, I often receive these newsflashes from other people-whether it be family, mom friends, or grocery store strangers. And with surprise I agree, "Yes, I guess he is getting taller" or "no I didn't notice his hair was so much more blonde." Sometimes it's the tags in the back of those tiny shorts which tell me my baby is getting bigger. Or the ever quickening disappearance of groceries. Didn't we just go shopping?

Anywho, it's July and Bennett is days away from 17 months. So I thought it was about time to give an update on my littlest boy. In true mommy fashion, I'll be writing about Evan next. Needless to say 3yrs is a hoot. A hoot. Back to B...I took this picture of him earlier today for "cow appreciation day" at our local chick-fil-a. Will "moo" for cute!
Full of cool dude moves and curly blonde locks, he is a feisty, sweet, and endlessly hungry mommy's boy. He prefers crayons over cartoons, and loves playing with his big brother. His most common nickname lately is "baby-zilla" and you can imagine why. Most everything he touches turns to mess. So yes grocery store stranger, this one does keep my hands full.

My hands are full. I am so thankful for both of my growing boys!!!

And lastly, a few mommy markers for future reference...(that are likely just exciting and noteworthy to this mommy, feel free to tune out here!)
  • Bennett has six teeth now, and more on the way. Praise the Lord for teething tabs!
  • He is usually in bed by 7:30pm and wakes up a little after 7:30am. Just recently we've successfully transitioned from 2 naps to 1. He was much more ready than I was! 
  • We've finally discovered one food he doesn't devour-watermelon! Who knew?
  • For the first time EVER he's started to be interested in the TV for more than say, 2 seconds? Thank you Yo Gabba Gabba, I'm sorry I ever trash talked you. 
  • Just moved up to size 4 diapers this month, say it isn't so! 
  • Still fits well in 12 mo clothes, with some 18 mo(pj's) sprinkled here and there. 
  • He got his first "goose egg" AND cut within 2 days of eachother, the first a misstep on the playground and the second a nasty fall involving a colored pencil.  I'm thankful we've avoided these bigger boo boos for 16 months, and hope to miss them for a while yet! However, it's becoming pretty obvious that we have BOYS. 
  • He is becoming much more verbal now, especially when the paci is on a break. Outside of his many nonsensical musings, he clearly says dada, mama, hi and bye, ball, baseball, quack quack, crack-er, Piper, nana, what sounds like water and the beginnings of some two word phrases like thank you.