Wednesday, December 7, 2016

One and done

Just like that, Asher turned one on November 16th. Yes, this post is late- but better late than never! Here's the traditional birthday video below, I can hardly believe a year has past.  It seems like just yesterday he was cuddled under last year's Christmas tree.
As I reflect on this past year with this third boy of ours, I have nothing but abundant thanks for every precious day passed. It's true you know, the more babies you have the more you realize that they don't keep! I can say without regret that I have truly hugged this babe tight and savored up every chunky bit of him.
At one year old, Asher Elliot is silly, thoughtful, content and loved. He is a people person and has the BEST smile. His disposition is somewhat serious and laid back most of the time(thank God for an easy baby!) and that makes his dimples all the deeper when he smiles and laughs.

His favorite food is anything cold and sweet, most recently a vanilla frosty from Wendy's. While he isn't as into the television, he does love Elmo and has started to become interested in turning the pages of his board books. Other favorite interests include bathtime and any kind of ball. More than anything though, he loves and is adored by his brothers. Nothing beats spending time with the big boys-little do they know they are all each other's best gift!

We are so thankful for you sweet Smash, happiest birthday love!