Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame

"Pllaayyy ball!" Our second Carolina Mudcats game with our church care group was a blast.
Evan was surprisingly engrossed in the action-dare I say he enjoyed the game almost as much as his dollar dog! 
Pastor Justin caught a ball at the very beginning of the game. Above Miss Anna is posing pretty with it, and here below Evan shows it off-to everyone except the camera lol! It was passed around the kids for a while but ended up with Evan, and later Muddy Mudcat even signed it-talk about a lucky ball! (Justin would you like this one back? Let us know and we'll get it to you!)
Best family picture yet, and proof that Benny bear was there!
The weather was a catch 22...rainy but with an amazing afternoon breeze. Because of the rain and bedtime, we ended up leaving pretty early but enjoyed every minute of our time there. Already looking forward to next time! No doubt our life with boys will bring many more baseball caps and ball games.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Milestone-First Haircut!

Today Evan recieved his first ever hair cut. To celebrate this monumental milestone, we took him to a special kids place called "Snippet's" in Brier Creek, and we were not disappointed! He did miles better than I thought he would, and sat happily-for the most part-while his sweet baby locks were snipped for the very first time.

Blinding bright colors greeted us at the door...
Everything was super kiddo friendly, and made for a pleasant, meltdown free experience. Thankfully, none of the worst case scenario's I had built up in my head surrounding this moment came to fruition. No kicking and screaming in sight. Instead, we had a great first haircut!
Being the brave big boy he is, Evan sat still for most of the time. Truth be told, Chris and I were the nervous ones! Entertained by an animal cracker dispenser, a firetruck, a lollipop and a bottle of bubbles, he barely noticed as his lovely locks fell to the ground. Surprisingly, he didn't even pay much attention to the cartoon playing for him; I gotta hand it to them, that place knows what it's doing!
He even got a prize at the end! Not to mention this adorable keepsake certificate. Our handsome boy is growing up so fast! His newly trimmed "surfer do" is just perfect. Of course, we didn't let her have too much of his hair, but are very happy with his new clear line of vision and cleaned up look. I dare anyone to mistake him for a girl now haha!
Afterwards we treated our trimmed up boy to a cupcake. It was delicious, and the perfect "icing on the cake" if you will to a great afternoon. :-)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Whirlwind

This weekend was a busy one! And, tonight is a busy night. So, I'm afraid I have little words to lend this blog, and will instead be happy with pictures and captions. Enjoy!

It all started with steak...It was wonderful to end the week with a delicious dinner courtesy of Chris' new grill. How nice it was to enjoy dinner, music, our little family and the heavy rain while eating in front of our large kitchen window. It's been raining quite a bit these past few days, and I've felt so refreshed because of it, enjoying every bit of pitter patter and soft splats from that behind that wide open window.
On Saturday morning we went to the "Got to be NC" festival at the fairgrounds in Raleigh. Evan was smitten with the goats and other friendly farm animals.
You can't spell North Carolina without tractor-
or truck...
Before leaving Raleigh we headed to the farmers market and made a quick stop down 401 for some townhouse business. That afternoon I had the pleasure of a yummy Olive Garden lunch with my mom followed by a leisurely, kid free time at my new favorite place, Hobby Lobby. I am SO excited that Wilson now has a craft store, and an ahhh-hmazing one at that. If you've never been to one before, just think if Michaels and Joann fabrics got married and had a very large, multi-talented, super creative, metal sign loving baby. Yes, that's Hobby Lobby for you! It's a crafty mom's paradise. :-) Anyways, back to the post! After our little excursion Chris and I took the boys to a friends birthday celebration and then spent the rest of the afternoon-or what was left of it-wrestling with a two year old and a ceiling fan.

Sunday morning began with church as usual and ended with our much anticipated church picnic. Despite the rain, everyone had a great time. And, praise God, my dessert was a success!   
And now, the laundry beckons...better get back to it!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 months so soon!

You are smiling at me as I write this. Benny bear, I can't believe you are three months old now! Sitting on top of this desk in your blue bumbo, you are quite a happy babe. No more smallish wrinkles for you, your tiny body has filled and fluffed, and has added adorable chins- plentiful for tickling! You used to make little hamster noises, but now you have found a new voice and are full of joyous, high pitched squels and giggles. I'll say it again, I can't believe it's been three months. You are so precious to me, can I freeze you like this forever?
You can hold your head up very well these days, and have found two new friends in your hands. Thankfully, you sleep soundly through the night waking only once to eat(around 4am) and then right back to sleep until about 7:30 or so. I love bringing you into bed with me early in the morning for some quality cuddle time. And, daddy enjoys a little bit of coffee talk every now and then before he's off to work! Happy three months to my alert, talkative, growing every day, blue eyed Bennett!

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Backyardigans Birthday!

Our big boy is two already! To celebrate, we had a fun Backyardigans themed party in our new backyard. Evan LOVES the Backyardigans, and it was our joy to give him his very own backyard bash.:-)
 "We've got the whole wide world in our yard to explore..."
Pablo cake(and baby brother) madebymommy. :-) It was super delicous-and cute-if I do say so myself!
Your backyard friends, the Backyardigans... 

The littles loved the water table!
Tyrone- and toddlers- top the table!
The picnic table was full of Evan's favorites-Pizza, strawberries & watermelon!  
Posing as Pablo and Uniqua...party masks rock!
 Bubbles are a blast!
Special thanks to all of our backyard buddies for making Evan's party so fun!

Surf's up woahhh daddy! Slide+pool full of balls=too much fun to capture in focus on camera lol!
Evan, you are a gift from God to us! We are so thankful and honored to be your parents. Happy Birthday buddy!
As the Backyardigans would say..."Now it's time for us to have a snack, meet you next time when we're back!"