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ARTistic Pursuits Inc.-A Review

If you're looking to expand your art horizons with more formal instruction, ARTistic Pursuits Inc. provides a complete, top quality art education for home and school. My little artists and I were so excited receive a copy of the Elementary K-3 Book One to review!
ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review
What is it?
In short, ARTistic Pursuits Inc. is a totally comprehensive art curriculum.  The K-3 Book One is beautifully laid out with colorful illustrations and clear, easy to understand art history and technique instruction. This early elementary book is geared towards ages five and up and contains 36 art lessons-just perfect if you figure one project a week over a 36 week school year. 
ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review
The K-3 Book One is thoughtfully laid out in three sections-what artists do, what artists see, and where we find art.  The first section "What Artists Do" covers basic activities artists engage in and think about when creating art, like imagining, looking, outlining shapes and drawing in color. The next section covers elements artists use like shape, line, space and texture. Lastly, "Where We Find Art" exposes children to ancient art and culture, drawing on inspiration from art found in caves, cathedrals and pyramids of the past. I've found these to be particularly engaging and fun topics to study with little boys who love to make believe in mummies and cavemen!
How we used it:
Each lesson is comprised of an introduction including a famous piece of artwork, project instructions, a "student gallery" picture, observation questions and finally, the project!

The very first lesson in the book is about composition. For this project Evan chose to piece together details from everyday life in the form of our house front. We were careful to include details like doorways and windows and things surrounding the house. After coloring the picture with watercolor crayons he went over it with water and a paintbrush to bring it to life-for our first lesson and first time using new materials, I was happy with the outcome!

I have so many favorites about this product, but my number one would be that it gives clear, precise direction and at the same time leaves plenty of space for creativity for the child to put his or her own unique stamp on it. Here Evan is below working on drawing a picture from a photograph, which we learned was first explored by Edgar Degas in the 1800's as he began to use photographs of ballerinas to study their movements. 
And, here is the product of our very first adventure in sculpturing with dry clay-a horse. I'd say it was a success! I've already learned so many new things and can't wait to continue through this book. This book is truly a treasure of an art curriculum, and contains in it everything you need to teach art at home with confidence and without compromise.
Product details:
There are several different levels of books offered by ARTistic Pursuits, Inc. including:
  • Early Elementary {grades K-3}
  • Elementary {grades 4-5}
  • Middle School {grades 6-8}
  • High School {grades 9-12}
  • Sculpture technique-Construct 
  • Sculpture technique-Model
The Early Elementary K-3 Book one is $47.95 and can be purchased through the ARTistic Pursuits Inc. website. Materials required for the Elementary K-3 Book One include pastels, watercolor crayons, ebony pencils and self hardening clay. You can find most of these at your local craft store, and there is also an Art Supply Pack(complete with easy carry tote) for each book sold on their website.  

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ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review
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