Saturday, March 28, 2015


Sneaking up on 5 years old, Evan is full of funny sayings. Lest I ever forget how stinkin adorable he was, here's a few for the record. From the mouths of babes...
"I'm kind of an expert at numbers...and dinos, robots, inventions..and everything else."

Evan: "When I grow up, I'm gonna be a spy."
Bennett: "When I grow up, I'm going to be a dalmatian."
Evan: "Uhhh...Bennett....that's going to be kind of tricky."

"Mom, I have the perfect-est job for you. You should be my room cleaner, because you clean rooms the best."  (Just tonight after serving up a delish dinner I was also told I should be a" restaurant maker")

Overheard while playing legos together... Bennett "godzilla'd" whatever Evan was building. Evan said to him "You're fired!"

In a store, Evan had to use the bathroom and asked me where it was...
Me: It's on the other side of the store down that aisle.
Evan: "Whoa, did you know that? Is it because you're a mommy? Mommy's know everything."
Me: "Yes, yes they do." ;-)

Around St. Patty's day and no doubt learning of mischievous leprechauns in his preschool class...
Evan:"MOM! The leprechauns came while I was sleeping and totally messed up my room, they got stuff EVERYWHERE!"
Me: "Seriously, the leprechauns
made this mess?"
Evan: "Ya...(insert sad sigh)...and they didn't even leave me a coin."
Me: "Bummer."

A few months back, he asked me for a popsicle with this gem on top...
"Momma...can I have a popsicle pleeassseee, because your so pretty(picture cheeky smile)." I hashtaged this one #flatterywillgetyoupopsicles

And for a famous last one-liner...
"Girls are bossy."

Also he calls me his princess all the time, which I have to admit I eat right up. And when I say "his" I mean he always always says "MY princess!" He's the best. :-)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015