Thursday, May 28, 2009

May Today, Gone Tomorrow

Something went wrong with May. It’s come and gone like the morning dew and left us hardly any time to get ready for the day-or May as it were. As I look at my calendar at work this morning with a slightly turned head and perplexed expression, I am left in awe and wondering who pressed fast-forward on this year. June already. Summertime so soon?!

Summer. This summer holds many changes on the horizon, milestones to celebrate, much cake to eat, a myriad of fun places to see, and miles and miles to go. After missing May, I’m looking forward to savoring the summer, and ever thankful to a great God who changes times and seasons.

Coming soon in June-A trip to the zoo, Piper’s 1st birthday (and my first peanut butter-carrot puppy cake), patio grilling, ribbon bow making and poolside relaxation. The upcoming opening of our community pool equals much relaxation, exercise and Vitamin D. Can’t wait!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Once Upon a Saturday

Out with the husband, and in with the girls...My mom, sister, and Mema came up for the weekend while Chris was out of town at a youth retreat near Hickory. Us women had a great time eating Chinese, power shopping and enjoying a few laughs with Martha Stewart. Saturday was full of fun surprises and good family times.
After some sister shopping at Triangle Town, we loaded into the car and made our way to Morrisville for lunch with more of the Reynolds girls and my favorite tiny cousin.
Unfortunately, our original lunch destination was closed, and after unanimously voting against Cracker Barrel for option #2, we ended up at Hooters of all places! The hilarity ensued with finding an appropriate table arrangement suitable to both A) A very old Mema, and B) a very tiny two year old. After a fun go at Goldie Locks and the three bears, we found the "just right" table, and had a great lunch! To top it off, my aunt was serenaded with a one of a kind Hooter’s birthday song. Many belly laughs were had by all as she was made to stand, yes stand, on a chair while being sung to. I do have a picture, but will refrain from posting for the love of family :)
And just for fun, look at these adorable golden locks of piggy tails! (You'll have to take my word on the golden part!)
After lunch, my mom sister and I enjoyed a Brier Creek shopping excursion. That is, after we circled back to deliver Mema’s luggage, which was completely forgotten in the prior exchange of cars and grandma bears. Much to my delight, I won the “best bargain” of the day prize at TJ Max with this new addition to our kitchen. Only $10, the just perfect amount I had sitting on my long neglected gift card. I also found a just right and long coveted apron at Kirkland’s marked down 50%. Patience pays.
When I got home later that afternoon and saw the mama and sister bears off, Piper and I made these to welcome home the hubby. Oatmeal Craisin White Chocolate Chunk Cookies.
They were a hit, and the perfect ending to a warm, delicious, just right Saturday!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Congrats Grad!

Last Monday my Dad graduated from Nursing School, a new RN. After a long and full career in the military, he retired from one profession and dove head first into another. Going back to school and entering a rigourous nursing program was no small feat; no doubt these past two years have been full of heavy books, highlighters, index cards and midnight oil. I'm so thankful for the steadfast example of hardwork and dedication that my dad displayed while pressing hard towards and acheiving his goal. I am so proud of my dad :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Adventures in Strawberry Picking

Without a doubt, strawberry picking is one of my favorite Springtime activities. After our short and sweet visit to Goldsberry this weekend for mothers and grandmother's day fun, we have a ton of ruby red and beautiful berries in our fridge :) I'd like to do something creative with them before I snack them all away(very likely)...I think I see some strawberry shortcakes in the not so distant future. And while it's on my "to learn eventually, when I have time/burst of motivation/supervision" list, I'd love dabble in the art of jam making one day.

The rest of our weekend was pretty busy as well, with the better half of Sunday spent assembling the exciting new addition to the patio-our Chris' very first Grill. Pictures to come soon-no doubt much hamburger flipping and masculine apron searching in the near future :) Anyways, on with the busy month of May!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Looking forward to reading...

Apart from my "NewYears Reading," I've recently come across two very delicious looking new books to crave. To my husband, consider this your "not so covert" early birthday hint ;)