Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Remember those days when cell phones were reserved for emergencies and only and always used to make phone calls? Nope, me neither. Today, my phone is much more than a phone(even as I blog this very moment, Evan is watching a cartoon on it via the PBS kids app). And, though I prefer my Nikon over my camera phone any day of the week, I just love having a tiny camera at my fingertips to catch my morning in motion. Enter Instagram.  Instagram is basically a social media feed for pictures. Like facebook, it has quickly achieved "verb" status and has almost completely taken the place of sending pictures as text messages. Sorry mom!

So here goes, my massive insta-update and Iphone photo explosion-collage style for your scrolling ease.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


My sweet Valentine is officially a ONE year old. Hard to believe? Yes! This year has quickly tranformed our sweet, tiny baby Bennett into an almost walking, always eating, happy and handsome one year old. Gone are the many middle of the night feedings and 2am "paci pops." I remember like yesterday cheering him on as he rolled from his belly to his back for the first time, and here we are today counting first steps.

He is...
A big brother lover, paci clipped, mama's boy, cookie monster, small and mighty, daredevil, always on the go, serial snacker, cling bug, a sweetheart, with blonde hair and bright eyes.

To start Bennett's birthday week, we had a fun Valentines themed playdate for a few of our friends here at the house. Strawberry cupcakes, candy hearts and pools of pink-it was tons of cuteness! Hallmark holiday or not, I've always enjoyed Valentines day and hold it all the more dear to my heart now. Praise the Lord for this best Valentines day gift ever-Bennett Shepherd!
 On Thursday we shared a special birthday lunch with daddy at Chic-fil-a.
Grandma and auntie Paige came down for the weekend, and on Friday we celebrated with a family pizza party and smash cake.
Bennett's big presents were a Radio Flyer red wagon and a new, front facing carseat. A big thanks to both sets of grands for contributing to these awesome gifts-the wagon continues to be a great deal of entertainment, and it hasn't even made it outdoors yet! Carrying it to checkout at Target, a lady walking by caught a quick glance at my two boys, and looking between them and the great, red box said "Those wheels are gonna get a lot of miles!" I think she's right. :-)

Our family celebration consisted of a fun "create your own pizza" dinner. We made a Hawaiian, chicken alfredo, and good ol' faithful pepperoni pizzas. 

As expected, he LOVED his cake. Any self respecting son of mine is a buttercream lover from the start! 
Giving his new seat a spin...I love his expression here. It's like he's saying "Eeeeee I love my carseat!" He's ready to ride(with a few more pounds that is)! 
We had a great time celebrating B bear's first year with family and friends. Happy birthday Bennett!

Friday, February 1, 2013

First days, February

On the first day of February...
I came out of my shower to find this bare bottom
Bennett gulped down his almond milk in record time
I finally caught the elusive eye cutting on camera 
Friday mornings mean a trip to the grocery store in this house...lucky for me I have two sweet and comical helpers to keep me on my toes!
Evan played in his room for the first hour(or two?) of his naptime and so hibernated well into the afternoon...
while mommy played in Picasa and explored new, curly fonts
After daddy came home from work we took advantage of "Fabulous Fridays" at our local children's museum, the Imagination Station.
Bennett imagines himself a tree owl...he did fly face first down the slide after all
Pizza, stripey pajamas and a blog close out this first day.  Mint chocolate chip ice cream and a movie eagerly await me, happy February!