Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I blame the groundhog

Two words-more snow! Though I must say, on the heels of "ice-cation 2015", this new blanket of white fluffy goodness was a welcome sight. I do enjoy the beautiful sight of fresh, falling snow outside our kitchen window. It's my kind of magical...for a few days anyway. ;-)
After picking up Evan from school yesterday(the only day of school not cancelled in the past week), the boys enjoyed some warm Campbell's soup-Frozen style! Is there any other way?
 And then we suited up! 
After we played outside(for a whopping 20 minutes at most) we came in for hot cocoa and of course, the movie "Frozen." Soggy socks, pink cheeks-check! This morning we enjoyed the fruits of sitting snow-that is, perfectly fit for snowball packing and snowman rolling. And to think we're expecting another winter blanket overnight, me thinks it's time to break out the snow cream recipes. If only we had milk...

Thanks for the the snow North Carolina...now I think we can happily bid winter goodbye. :-)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy birthday Bennett bear!

It's hard to believe our sweet little Bennett bear is almost 3. We celebrated his birthday this past weekend with family and had a blast. On the agenda was a visit to Build a Bear and then lunch at Kanki for my little chef.
I knew Build a Bear would be cool but it was really even much more adorable than I could have imagined. Above you see Bennett giving his animal a "heart" and picking out it's characteristics, and below is one of the first stations where the stuffys get fluffy.
Bennett picked out this cute pup, a dalmatian, and outfitted him for space in a super cool Buzz Lighthearted costume. Evan opted for the less traditional "Tootheless" the dragon and if I thought for a second we missed the build a bear boat with him, I was wrong. Both boys really enjoyed picking out their special animals, naming them, bathing them, giving them birth certificates and taking them home in their special boxes. Two thumbs up build a bear, and many thanks to Gigi and Poppy for treating!
After a quick stop into the Disney and Lego stores, we settled in for a show at Kanki for lunch. We were so happy to have Aunt Catherine and Uncle Kerrick join us there, and both boys really enjoyed the Teppankyi grill. It was entertaining and delicious!
At home we sang happy birthday over these dreamy cupcakes, and opened the rest of his gifts.
Grandma sent this cool blue set of new wheels, and at the rate he's going he'll be riding fast beside brother sooner than you can say "watch out for that gutter!"
Three years has flown by, and I've enjoyed every day with these special boys-even the ones where I feel like I've gone to the proverbial gutter myself! Happy birthday sweet B, I'm so thankful to see you blow out your candles for a third year in a row. You are a gift!