Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Confetti of Summer

Let's start this game of catch up in sunny Florida...

At the end of June I went with a few lovely women from our church to TGC's(The Gospel Coalition) National Women's Conference. It was a nice change of scenery to exercise and dust off that mental muscle of mine, and so encouraging to be in a crowd of such diverse and like minded ladies. And, I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed hearing Keith and Kristin Getty in concert! The road trip was a breeze-thanks to our fearless driver, and lack of toddling companions no doubt. Whew, it is nice not to have to worry about buckling carseats for a change.

I love these ladies, so thankful to walk alongside and be encouraged by them!

Now, moving on to the fourth of July....

For the second year in a row the fireworks were rained out, but we were able to have a nice family day and sport our red, white and blues in true patriotic show. At this stage of life with a 4 and 2 year old, I'm okay with passing on the late night fireworks. But, give us a few more years and we'll be there with lawn chairs!
That weekend we were able to grab hold of the good weather and take a long anticipated day trip to the beach. Since we had aquarium tickets burning in our pockets thanks to Groupon, we had been trying to go but the weather foiled our plans Saturday after Saturday. So, when we saw a clear forecast we decided to pack it up and head out. It was as good a day as you could ask for at the beach. Slightly overcast, breezy, warm, get the picture.
 Of course, introduce two little ones into the picture and the beach trip of your daydreaming is well, a thing of day dreams. The boys actually did great, but it's just plain hard to do the beach with toddlers in tow. So much effort, so much fact two weeks has passed and we still carry the crumbs of the Atlantic in the backseats of our car. Again, this is just one of those things to file under "give it a few years." :-)
Courtesy of instagram, here's a few other things we've been up to over the past few weeks...
Building Hiccup the dragon at our local Lowes Saturday morning build and grow. That afternoon Chris and Evan enjoyed a boys afternoon out to the movies to see "How to train your dragon 2."
Exploring the secret garden-a little known Wilson treasure!
One from the aquarium...
Matching brother shirts, who can resist?
 Learning about, crafting with and mostly eating juicy watermelons at Deans Farm.
 Annual Cow Appreciateion Day at our Chic Fil A-free food all around!
Evan enjoyed his second year at Vacation Bible down, one to go!
The boys have been hard at work growing their fins this summer...
This last one is from this morning at our Wednesday farmers market. We try to hit up storytime at the library before hand on these days. Busy mornings = best naps ever. Win win.
While the summer has been good to us so far(I won't mention our unfortunate string of summer sicknesses), I confess I'm starting to feel the itch of order that Fall magically brings. Plus, I'm done with mosquitoes and sauna like weather by 10am. But oh, how I'll savor these last lazy mornings of August. Who knows, maybe I'll take some time to blog more frequently. ;-)