Friday, July 2, 2010

2 Month Well Baby!

Evan was a trooper for his 2 month well baby check up, s-h-o-t-s and all. I'm happy to report that he is healthy and growing, meeting all of his milestones and was all smiles to boot. He is now 13 pounds 8 ounces and measuring an inch longer at 24".

At 10 weeks, Evan's personality is really starting to blossom. He grows more and more adorable everyday, and I'm really enjoying this "2 months" chapter we've turned to. The pages these days are full of smiles, coos and a myriad of new and differant facial expressions. His latest trick...lifting his head on his own during tummy time!
Evan continues to be a champion eater-just don't interupt him or you'll have one unhappy camper on your hands haha. If you were to ask him what his favorite things were, I'm sure he would say his swinging in his swing, hearing music and bedtime stories from daddy, and snuggling with mommy of course! He is definitly a movement & music baby, and there is no better soother for him then the back and forth rock of his swing or a sweet ride in his stroller. He thinks he's pretty hot stuff and loves to catch a peak at himself in the mirror. Hmmm what else...he is starting to demand more attention these days and is getting more and more captivated by the world around him. It's so fun showing him all these new things-I can't wait for all of the fun "firsts" to come-especially his first laugh! We can tell he is trying soooo's like there is a big giggle bubble inside of him working it's way up, just waiting to pop!

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