Friday, July 23, 2010

I spy...something new!

This silly chipmunk is up and full of new tricks this morning. Can you spy something different?
Exhibit A-His position. I laid him down last night at a completely different angle, and more towards the middle of the crib.

Exhibit B-Someone found their thumb!! He's been looking long and hard over the past two or so weeks, and has had many a sticky fingers as a result-sometimes even trying to squeeze his entire hand into his mouth. Looks like we may be joining the thumb sucker club after all! (We're still working on the paci love, which I've heard is an easier habit to break-after all, I can't take that thumb away!)

Round two:
There are two new things in this photo as well. For one, I bit the bullet and went for a more mommy appropriate haircut. Evan is getting grabby these days, so it was time for a change. Every time I cut my hair I always come back to "I like my hair better long," but in the end, it's just hair and boy do I need a wash n' wear do!

And how could you not notice the most adorable lion backpack ever?! I've recently found some very flexible, partime childcare for Evan with a wonderful stay at home mom. She is a former teacher, has a one year old son, and a great, godly woman. She is truly an answered prayer during this season of our lives while I'm still maintaining a job outside of the home, and I couldn't be happier about the whole situation-it's all fallen into place so perfectly! That being said, I figured Evan needed a little pack to take with him for his things-bottles, burp clothes, diapers, change of clothes. ect. And so came about the cutest little lion, from Gymboree a la Grandma.

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Lori said...

Hooray for the thumb!!! I thought your hair looked fresh and perky yesterday! Cute.