Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcome to...."Evan's Room"

Recently I saw a fun blog idea in which bloggers showcase their homes room by room as part of a "show us your life" series. More than something fun to write about, I thought it would be a great way to archive my first family home and even better, a good excuse to tidy things up(isn't a picture always!). So, I'll start my show & tell home series with the coolest room around here-Evan's!

Even before the ultrasound told us we were having a boy, my mind was pregnant with thoughts of nursery decor. Once we knew we were headed for blue, Chris and I quickly agreed that animals were the way to go. And voile, jungle tales it was! I am so happy with our nursery and I think Evan would agree. His room is my favorite in the house-besides the kitchen that is. The one thing I would add is paint-but as we are really hoping to move within this year, we figured it best to save the capachinno walls for another home.

In the past 2 years this room has taken on many forms. First, as a guest room with an extra closet for our excess clothes. Then it became more like my little craft area; we set up our small breakfast table in there and it was the perfect place to sew and create. Oh, and you know that "closet" everyone has in the house where you toss things that don't have a home(or at least not at that second)...you know the one where you throw the lone shoe and misplaced pillow in when the doorbell rings? Well, at times that room functioned as a giant one of those type closets. And now, it's been made into the perfect little room for our precious boy-by far it's greatest accomplishment!

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The Swains said...

I love Evan's nursery - so cute! I am in the process of getting Emma's room ready to go and it is so fun. Hope to see y'all sometime!