Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun "firsts"

Almost everyday holds a new "first" for baby Evan, and I feel so blessed to have a front row seat to his blossoming personality. Here are some snapshots of what our little guy's been up to over the past few weeks...

First time at the NC Science Museum. Evan gives the dinos a two thumbs up!
First pooltime! This boy loves baths. The pool however...well, he has'nt made up his mind about that one just yet. Our first pool experience was as expected-this little 2 month old liked it for about 2 minutes before he decided he was just too hot and too wet to stand it all!
Practice makes perfect!

First taste of mommy's yummo fourth of July cupcakes! Okay, so it was more like a tincy tiny taste of a very itsy bitsy fingertip of buttercream icing-but it's a start. Sweet toothe here we come! :-)

And last but not least, a first go at the "bumbo." I know he's still a bit young for this, but we were so excited when we got it we just had to try it out.

As you can tell, he's still got some head strenght to master before we can be bumbo pro's. In the meantime I'm going to savor every second of his babyhood before he get's to sit up on his own like a big boy. I can't believe how fast two months have flown by!


Anonymous said...

Evan's Daddy looks really excited about the dinosaurs too! GiGi

Anonymous said...

Evan's Daddy looks really excited about the dinosaurs too! Gigi

Lori said...

Cute! Letting Evan taste even the tiny tiniest bit of buttercream-- so not a first time mom move . . . I'm shocked! I remember running across the room to tackle a teenager who was giving 6/7 month old Hannah a bite of cake. Then I cried, because her 1st birthday wouldn't be her first cake. Haha. Madeline was so used to cake by the time her first birthday rolled around she was WAY underwhelmed!

Love the dinosaur pic!