Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Potpourri anyone?

If you were to take a snapshot of my mind lately, you'd find there a colorful pot of potpourri. In other words, alot of "this and that." Here's a taste...
Chris and I were so thankful to have my mom and sister up this weekend to watch Evan so that we could have our Imax date in Downtown Raleigh.

On Sunday, we wrapped up the weekend with an great morning at church, grocery shopping, afternoon naps, Digorno and a fun trip to the dog park. Piper was elated to get out of the house and have some special puppy time, and Chris and I were equally as happy to drive home with a tired puppy and napping baby in the backseat.

July is turning out to be a busy month for us. This week we'll have a few visitors- first my bestest friend Jessica will be stopping by for a few days, and then we'll see Chris' family on their way back to Pennsylvania from their beach vacation. Our 3 year anniversary is coming up soon, followed closely by my birthday, then my mom's birthday! And then a wedding, and more visitors oh my!

Between taking care of Evan, working from home, and keeping up with the laundry-not to mention those "life" activies like birthdays and such-time is flying by warp speed. Evan will be 3 months on the 25th, and that's a quarter way to the big 1!

Goodness. Gracious.

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