Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winding up the 2nd Trimester-27 Week Update

At 27 weeks along, I am exclusively in materninty clothes, figuring out the new song and dance of sleep, and craving chocolate all day long. I've never been a big chocolate fan, and now all I can think about are snowcaps, raisenettes, dove dark chocolates and m&m's. In other pregnancy news, I feel bigger and bigger everyday and am having trouble getting-and staying- comfortable at night. I don't forsee things getting any easier from here on out-rather bigger, stronger, tighter, more name it. Oh, and I'm slowly but surely teetering the fine line between sitting down and "landing" on things-cars, couches, and office chairs beware.

Alongside all these less glamourous things though, I'm getting more and more excited about the realities of having a little one-and a baby boy at that. Looking at his tiny boy clothes and jungle friends bedding, I feel like I've really turned a corner when it comes to getting excited about "boy things," and have likewise become very fond of blues, greens and browns.

Milestones this week-lots of movement! And drumroll please.....the big event around the corner is none other than the third trimester! Man is this happening fast. From strolling the aisles of BabiesRUs and Target in creating our registries, to shopping online for nursery furniture, hanging up little baby clothes in the closet, reading "Babywise" and registering for our childbirthing classes, I am in total "baby mode." It's a little scary, sometimes stressful, and a lot of fun :-)


Anonymous said...

I love the new blog layout. If there was a "blind" blog contest, I'd have no trouble picking out your design nor your distinctive writing style, kudos to both!

Love Grande Mere (still looking for that name!)

Kim said...

Rebecca, I'm enjoying reading your pregnancy recap as it gives me a chance to remember how I felt more than 5 years ago now! I pray your baby boy comes out healthy and happy and hate to say it but no matter what shape your belly is in after that, you won't care too much! Funny. Keep rubbing the cocoa butter on just it case it actually helps. I did with Philip's pregnancy but didn't during Braewyn's and yes, I have the stretch marks to prove it! She's worth it!