Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sock Monkey Sucess...sort of, yes.

I’ve always been a big fan of sock monkeys and knew I wanted to make one for baby E on the way. A family member made me a sock monkey when I was a baby and to this day “monkey” remains one of my most treasured stuffed animals(though he’s definitely seen better days, lol). So you can imagine my joy when my mom got me a “build your own sock monkey” kit for Christmas. Very quickly into the “building” process I realized that making a homemade sock monkey is just plain hard! Not quite rocket science hard, but more of a detail oriented, hands on sewing type of hard(you know, the kind that requires patience upon patience). However, I pressed on, determined not to let this project fall into the “best laid plans…” category. In my mind, crafts are always much more exciting, easygoing, and fun. In reality, many turn out slowgoing with unforeseen problems to solve and many mistakes to mask. And of course, the outcome is always much more perfect and glamorous in my head. Not at all sloppy or camera close-up shy, lol. But I suppose that’s half the fun. :-)

I made this sock monkey with much love and many prayers. He is fluffed with care, and I appreciate him all the more knowing he’s not from a store but rather a product of my own hands. He is not perfect. His right arm may or may not be slightly shorter than the left, and I may have mismatched the colors of threads in sewing them on. And I will confess- I did glue on his button eyes. But overall I think he’s alright for my very first sock monkey, and most importantly, I don’t think baby E will mind my whipstiching too much. ;)


Shayna said...

Rebecca, your sock monkey is sooo cute!!! :) Baby E will love it!! I've actually considered making a sock monkey in the past for my brother (he has quite the collection of monkeys). I'm so glad that you persevered through all the trials. Haha. I can totally relate!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca-- glue usually wears out or is easily torn or chewed off... I hear children like to eat fix it before he chokes on the button(s). On a positive note--its a great little mo-ne-co and I hope he likes it, although I think you've got the market cornered on the sock monkey thing...its a great feeling waiting for your baby isn't it, don't plan too far ahead and enjoy this time...I know you will, love dad