Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello 3rd Trimester-my how fast you've come!

I can’t believe it’s time for the third trimester already-I feel like it’s barged in like a thief rather than knocking slowly at our door and waiting patiently for me to collect myself, pick up the laundry off the living room floor, scurry to fluff some pillows ect. Not to say that we aren’t completely excited about its arrival, just maybe a little frazzled by how fast it’s made its way here! I suppose I should be very grateful that we haven’t run into any major “traffic” along the way and have enjoyed a very easygoing pregnancy so far-here’s to hoping my good graces carry out till D-Day!

This week baby E should weigh between 2 and a quarter to 2 and a half pounds, and measure around 14.5 inches from head to toe(hard to believe looking at my stomach!). This time is especially crucial to his brain and neuron development, so I’m trying to make a better effort to get in that extra dose of nutrition and drink plenty of water-does tea count?

In other news, I’m happy to say we had a good, productive weekend. On Saturday we checked a few things off my decluttering the house game plan. In addition to the weekend basics like laundry and grocery shopping, we finally found a new home for a huge piece of furniture that was taking up much needed space in E’s room and got his name letters on the wall. Sunday was restful and full of good fellowship, starting with church and a fun lunch afterwards with some dear friends and their o-so-adorable and endlessly entertaining girls-thanks for being such great host Lori & Jonathan! Later that night Piper got a much needed bath and now smells like a cinnamon stick; it makes me think of pumpkin pie and really I could just eat him right up!

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