Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the mind...

My brain is sloppy scrambled eggs lately-here are some thoughts on the menu…

  • This week I’m hoping to order baby E’s crib and dresser combo-I can’t wait to get it in and set up in his room! On that note, I’m having trouble refraining from going into his blank canvass of a nursery-one too many times a day-to imagine what it will look like, blankets, baby and all.

  • Why are strawberries so darn expensive and harder to find now-a-days? Can’t a girl enjoy some sweet strawberries in January?

  • God is getting an early start on teaching me how to live on less sleep-getting to sleep is harder and harder to do now, and I can’t imagine what it will be like a month from now. Dread.

  • 1 week and 4 days till Girl Scout cookie-palooza…but who’s counting…

  • Work has been rough this week-and it’s only Wednesday.

  • We’ve hit a dinner slump and are running low on ideas for creative, new, and most importantly-inexpensive-recipes. Must satisfy the carb addicted picky eater- myself- as well as the garbage disposal/will eat anything without onions/Texas sized appetite, lover of food husband. Budget friendly ideas welcome.

  • The weekends are increasingly less sufficient for laundry-maybe a “white load Wednesday” is in order.

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Shayna said...

Fun post. You're going to have so much fun putting little Evan's room together. :) I can relate to your "dinner slump". Let's see... one of our favorite meals is mexican lasagna. I know that we've discussed your food likes-and-dislikes, but I can't remember if you'd like all these ingredients or not? I'm not a big velveeta fan, so I substitute with more shredded cheese. (

I hope you have a good nights sleep!!