Tuesday, April 5, 2016


It's been a busy season of life(as always!), so here's a little catch up...

On the homefront, we're MOVING!
That's right, from Wilson to Raleigh we go. But first, we have a house to sell. We've loved this place of ours on Dover Street for the last four years-and calling Wilson home for the last almost six years, but are eager to be closer to Chris' new workplace. Did you catch that "new?" In December Chris accepted a position with a pharmaceutical health company in Raleigh, and is happily at work now coloring the world of visual data science. We are so thankful for all the years spent with BB&T and are really excited about our future with PRA Health Sciences. For the time being it's not big deal to commute as many people do, but we are eager to reclaim that extra 2 hours a day as a family and get back to our Raleigh roots. Big changes all around.

And so, for the last few months we've been hard at work cleaning house-fixing this, painting that, and so on.  It's been an undertaking, and somehow our list of home improvements has this magical ability to expand rather than get shorter! We've swap and shopped, de-cluttered our attic, cleared out the outdoor storage building, rebuilt our porch railing and painted, painted, and painted some more. I purposed early on for myself not to get overwhelmed or anxious about the process and transition, and so far my "day by day" plan is working for me. Especially when thrown crazy curveballs! We would have liked the house to be listed by now but are currently dealing with an unexpected issue turned yet another delay. But, I know that the Lord is at word behind the scenes and we're trusting his perfect timing.

In the meantime, life goes on. Bennett is back at school this week after a week long Spring break(over which the pollen invaded and left Evan a sniffling mess), and soccer season is right around the corner. Evan recently wrote his numbers 1-100, which is a pretty fun Kindergarten milestone. He will be finishing up his Swim America program soon, and we are all gearing up for a fun field trip with our homeschool group at the end of this week. 

We have spent a lot of time outside lately with the warmer weather and Chris's belated Christmas Kayak. Both boys love the water, but true to Bennett's outdoors-y nature he is for sure the biggest fan of the boat. 

Asher is our chubby cherub and is growing much too fast. He is getting stronger and learning new tricks everyday-dare I say we've entered the "supported sitter" stage and will likely start some oatmeal cereal soon. He is finding his voice, drooling up a storm and rolling from belly to back.
 I've gotten pretty tangled up with the house projects, school, the diapers and well the everyday "adulting" lately, but do plan on getting back to blogging more frequently. Until next time, here's a simple snapshot of daily life I don't want to blur over...presenting the classic peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwich. It's all the rave around here come lunchtime. :-)
Cheers to presently...

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