Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Field trip fun

Last Friday we went with our homeschool group CHOW on a field trip to the Neuseway Nature Park and Planetarium. I have to say I would have never thought to explore this place on our own, but I'm glad we did because it is quite the hidden gem! 
This spacesuit was displayed in the Smithsonian before arriving in this neck of the woods!
Bennett-always the star of his own show. :-)
The park features a smallish but very nice health and science museum and planetarium, awesome park, train ride, animal conservatory building and more. Plus it's set on the beautiful neuse river and a perfect place to picnic. The planetarium is old school in the best way, and you can tell the people working there and giving the presentations really know their stuff and enjoy the job of sharing it.
This is probably a top 3 park in my book. Though Kinston is a decent drive from us, it is a good halfway point to the beach so I can definitely see us stopping by again!
The fossil dig was a highlight for Evan!
Koi fish are endlessly fascinating...
I took this picture below in our driveway after we pulled in. It says it all, we were plum wiped out. Sunny days spent outside with friends are refreshing, and I am so thankful for them!

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Unknown said...

What a wonderful field trip! I can't wait to go there! :-) Thanks for Sharing. :-) Francesca