Thursday, April 28, 2016

First foods

A few weeks ago this chunk took a taste of his first food-rice cereal! As you can see, it was sort of a mess...
Welp, that was fun. 
After trying to feed him a bit of rice cereal at dinnertime on and off for about two weeks, the verdict is in. He does not like rice cereal! Part of the huge mess is him spitting it out or going to chew on his hand instead. I will say he did get some down when smashing his bib up to his face and licking it off that way lol. He's a stinker.
I decided from there I could either stop all together and give him some more time before introducing foods, or move on to something more exciting. Given his insatiable appetite, I went for the something more exciting.

Enter avocados! Pics to come, but I'll just say he loves them! I admit it's still a bit of a mess but I'm happy to report he does open his mouth for the spoon and actually swallows them. Win!

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