Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Laying a strong foundation through Logic of English-a Review

For the past several weeks Evan and I have been working through Foundations Level B from Logic of English. An English enthusiast myself, I was so excited to get my hands on this product to review and use in our homeschool. The Foundations program is specifically geared towards children ages 4-7 and is a comprehensive, multi sensory language arts curriculum. Level B is appropriate for children who have basic phonemic awareness skills, are already familiar with short vowel sounds and can read short vowel words. If you are unfamiliar with Logic of English, their tagline says it all-"Combining the science of reading with the joy of learning." The program aims to teach language arts through phonemic awareness, reading, handwriting and spelling to produce strong readers and writers.

Logic of English Review
Logic of English Review
The Level B student workbook was an instant win for us-just look at the cover! It's full of engaging activities and colorful worksheet pages that make phonics fun and approachable to the struggling reader. Right away Evan enjoyed the phonogram and reading skills games(cleverly disguised as Bingo, tic tac toe and so on). Let's face it, the English language is one tough cookie to crack! Logic of English does a great job breaking it down and making it less intimidating for little learners.
Tongue signals serious concentration going on here hehe!
The readers were also a home run with us. Other than doing a great job re enforcing lessons learned, they are cute little books filled with silly stories sure to entertain young readers. As both a mom and a homeschool teacher, I love readers like these because they build confidence. When you're 5 years old and having a hard day struggling to understand reading rules, I imagine its so nice to be able to say "Hey I read that!" Also, I appreciated the diversity in characters illustrated throughout these Logic of English readers. Here's a video of Evan reading from the Level B Reader "Can Pete Pick a Pet?"

Foundations helps children to develop solid phonemic awareness by learning the way sounds are formed with the mouth and tongue, and how to listen for and feel these sounds as they are pronounced. This is brick and mortar to learning to read, write and speak the English language well. In the introduction to the teacher's manual there is a really helpful list all of the phonograms and high frequency words covered in the book-I found myself referencing often. You can find the scope and sequence outlined there as well and how it aligns with Common Core standards. 

From a teacher's perspective, I have to note that this curriculum is incredibly comprehensive. If you are not one to spend as much consistent time on your preparation and planning on this Kindergarten level, this is probably not the best fit for you. There is no skirting the teacher manual here, it is essential to the program as a whole and you will be lost without it. Whether it's a pro or con in your book, the lesson plans are very detailed if you plan to use the program to it's fullest potential. Each lesson includes objectives relating to phonemic awareness, phonograms, handwriting and spelling, with reviews and reading assessments included throughout. Lessons are scripted, so that's a plus for me! And, the little "teacher help" boxes in the margin are full of helpful tips and tricks as well.

To teach Foundations B you need the teacher manual, student workbook and set of corresponding readers. Level B picks up right where A leaves off, with lessons 41-80. You can buy both A and B as a set to get the best value. If you do buy sets individually, they would also recommend a few extra reusable materials like phonogram flashcards, game tiles and more. At first glance this program does seem to fall on the expensive end of the spectrum, but it helps to remember that you are buying a comprehensive language arts curriculum covering phonics, reading, handwriting and spelling. 
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Megan Russell said...

My 5 year old is using Foundations A and we love it. I'm looking forward to Foundations B!! And Evan is so adorable.

Edie Carter said...

The Essentials level is teacher intensive too, but we've found that the program really works! Foundations looks like a lot of fun.