Thursday, May 28, 2015

Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs.

This past memorial day weekend we packed up then van and headed to PA for a very special occasion. It was an honor for our family to be a part of Aunt Paige's wedding as a bridesmaid, groomsmen and two very dapper ring bearers. We had a wonderful whirlwind of a wedding weekend! The highlight for me was really what weddings do best-bringing family together from near and far. We loved spending extra special time with extended family and also making new friends!
The handsome honeys...
A gorgeous bouquet of flowers with two very special rings.
First family pic since Easter-makes a mama's heart happy!
The wedding was beautiful and to my immense relief, both boys exceeded my expectations as ring bearers. Let's be honest, asking a 3 and 5 year old boy to walk slowly and quietly down an aisle and sit calming through the following ceremony during what would normally be naptime-yikes! Not to mention the loose cannon otherwise named Bennett lol. Needless to say my heart was beating a bit faster that afternoon. Thankfully, they pulled it off when they needed to and earned many a well deserved oo and ahh down the the aisle in their handsome bow-ties. And sat like angels through the ceremony to boot(thanks to a special aunt and uncle).  I was so proud!!!
Paige was a stunning bride, and wore a lovely smile like this throughout the day. I loved the shabby chic-vintage style of the reception, down to every last well thought out detail.

There was plenty of music and boogy-ing...
...and of course cake!
I wish I had taken a picture of the boys at the hotel pool because that was surely a highlight-I forsee many a poolside day this summer! After the wedding we enjoyed a few days at Grandma's, full of rest, play, quality family time and delicious dinners on the grill. Chris and I even snuck out a few times sans kiddos and enjoyed a trip to IKEA while the boys were spoiled rotten at Toys R Us and "Old McDonald had a farm." Thanks for everything Sharon!
S'mores for wedding favors? Yes please! 
A great weekend all around, we are so thankful for safe travels and the time spent with family. Best wishes to Paige and Jonathan and all the merry adventures that lay before them.

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