Thursday, May 14, 2015

Meal Plan

The short n' sweet I know will come in handy months from now when I'm agonizing over the grocery list and looking for meal ideas that won't make hubby roll his eyes and say "again?" ;-) Thanks Pinterest!

*Since we'll be on the road to PA for Aunt Paige's wedding Friday, I just planned thru Thursday.

Sat-Eat out (We'll be walking around the Smithfield outlets that afternoon)

Sunday-Taco salad with a twist

Tuesday-Crockpot cheesy chicken & rice

Wedsnesday-Creamy tomato & tortillini soup

Thursday-Teryaki steak on a stick...ahem...this
Thankfully we were able to make a Trader Joe's trip this week, so our lunch bases are covered. Yum!!!

3 comments: said...

I always struggle for lunch ideas. What do you get at TJs?

Rebecca Scott said...

This is terrible but my hubs basically raids the frozen foods there for lunches. Favorites are Tamales and burritos, bbq chicken pizza, and the bolognase thing(I have to make pasta to put with it but still not a bad deal!). We're trying the premade Gnocci this week-comes in tomato sauce with Parmesan cheese. Best thing is all these(except the pizza) are between 2 and 3 dollars. Outside of that he loves their chili and I like the TJ brand tomato soup.I'll also get the ravioli or tortellini(both $1.97 and the good stuff-by the fresh fruit) because I can always cook that up with some sauce, add broccoli as a side and call it a day! Definitely helps us to stay on budget when we can go and get lunches for Chris there. said...

oh I bet! Matt is terrible about bringing lunch so it's good to have ideas. Thanks!