Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer so far

Evan's been out of preschool for a few weeks now and to say we've kept busy is an understatement. I'm not sure where those lazy days of summer lay, but we have enjoyed the freedom to be out and about with a more flexible schedule. Thankfully, my boys do busy well.

After we came back from Pennslyvania for the wedding, we had a fun week of new hair cuts, ice cream playdates and having friends over our house. Here's a proud boy rocking his new "Stegosaurus spike."
That face...I die!
The next weekend we joined family at Falls Lake for a day at camp. We're not quite ready to camp overnight, but the day trip was just perfect! The boys were huge fans of floating around in the lake and Chris fell in love with a Kayak. The weather was also just perfect that day and it really was refreshing to be in the great outdoors all day. Thanks to Aunt Catherine and Uncle Kerrick for all their hard work, planning, delicious food and super fun scavenger hunt to make the day extra special.
Our local gym pool also opened and we've already been a few times and once to Gigi and Poppi's pool in Goldsboro-survey says we will be spending most of our sunny days there.
This past week Evan had his 5 year well check and we barely survived the 4-count em 4-shots. I completely underestimated how traumatic shots would be to an older, very aware child. My mama's heart barely held it together. Thankfully, the Disney store is just around the corner from our Pediatrician's. We all cheered up with some stickers, lollipops, a stroll around the mall and lunch at Evan's favorite establishment-McDonald's(not my top pick for the day-or year!).

 Healthy boy...next up in July-the dentist...insert scary shrieky music here!
In other news, I'm just past 16 weeks along now and we have our big ultra sound coming up in less than two weeks-can't wait!!!  Until then we've got a mini VBS and gymnastics camp next week...in the spirit of my big boys fave place-I'm lovin it!

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