Saturday, January 14, 2012

Joyful anticipation

As we meet 36 weeks, my body-and belly mostly-are loudly signaling that it's almost baby time. On one hand, I am over the moon excited to meet this little guy and can't wait see a new baby bouncing in our bouncer, sleeping in his bassinet and even crying in his carseat. On the other hand, I know I can be patient and embrace these last precious moments as a family of three. As a prideful planner, I find in myself the tendency to get so wraped up in future things that I often miss the presents of the present. So while we wait on baby brother's arrival, I am set to be still and enjoy this life as it is now-just me, my husband and our sweet son. This nest is fluffed and feathered well enough. Dare I say it's time to sit back and relax, to simply and joyfully just wait.

Two carseats are now taking over our backseat-what a sight!
Thanks to a sweet and thoughtful friend, our borrowed bassinet is set up and looking just perfect in its new place next to our bed.
And, we put out a few baby things like Evan's old bouncer; we just couldn't leave that space bare after filling it with a Christmas tree for so long! I loved our swing, bouncer and other baby gear, and am excited to pull em' out of the closets for a second spin.

Next on the list, the hospital bag is mostly packed. Credit belongs to this awesome checklist courtesy of Pinterest. :-)
Evan's snack stash is fully stocked for "D-day"
and while this little guy may be a bit small for his newly washed big brother tee, I think he'll grow into his new title quite nicely. :-)

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Lori said...

Hooray. You are one prepared mama. Can't wait to meet your new bundle of joy!