Saturday, January 21, 2012

37 Weeks!

We are now officially full term yay! I'm happy to report that we had a very routine and uneventful OB visit this past Friday-the good kind-and got to see baby boy once more in an ultrasound. Because Evan was quite the butterball, we needed to see where exactly this one was size wise in order to make the best decision regarding his big debut.
Thankfully, he looked healthy and weighed in at 6 pounds 9 oz-which sounded pretty big to my small self but is actually very average and right on track. Based on our birth experience with Evan, my confidence in my body's ability to deliver a larger baby the good ol' fashioned way is a bit shaken to say the least. So, please join us in praying for a healthy delivery(preferably a V-back) and average sized baby Godspeed!

Baby's heart rate-Strong in the 120-130's
Mommy's iron finally came up and broke ten- I'm thankful for this small victory!
Weight-129 and down one pound, but not super alarming due to fact that I've been sick this past week. Total weight gain so far is 22 pounds; I think I've got some room to grow after all.
BP-85/55...I normally run low, but not so much. For now, we're going to blame the afor mentioned sickness.

Admittedly not the best appointment for stats, but thankfully it looks as if baby boy is thriving doing a lot better than mommy feels! I'm already feeling almost back to normal, so hopefully we'll be running at 100%(you know, as much as you can be 37 wks pregnant with an active toddler) soon!
Can't wait to meet baby boy!

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