Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hot dogs, Nemo and the green blanket

Evan is 21 months old today. This month is especially special because this is the month he will become a big brother. I'm so thankful for the last 21 months, and am treasuring these last days with just the two of us. Before I get too sentimental, here's a little peak into the world of my favorite 21 month old..
I'll start with one of his favorite things-food! Unless this kid is feeling under the weather, he'll eat just about anything and snack all the live long day. He loves most all fruit, but can be picky depending on the day of the week-especially when it comes to those green veggies. He's started saying "no" to things he doesn't like...dare I see a little attitude on the horizon? I guess it comes with the toddler territory! His favorite meals usually consist of a hot dog or chicken nuggets(with ketchup of course) and some sort of fruit cup or applesauce. Unfortunately, he's still dairy free for the most part. I'm working on incorporating more fresh snacks into his diet, and have had some success with the occasional celery and carrot stick. But who am I kidding really, those carrot sticks don't hold a candle to Finding Nemo fruit snacks. :-) 

A true boy, Evan's favorite toys are cars-anything with wheels really. In the same vein, his favorite movie without a doubt is Disney's "Cars" and more recently "Cars 2." It's starting to look like a boys world around here for sure, and I don't forsee that changing any time soon! He is definitely an active little boy and loves being silly and playing with daddy. Lately he's caught onto "tag" and loves to run in circles being chased around the house(add to that hiding behind doors and shower curtains). Other recent fun activities would involve empty cardboard boxes and flashlights-did I mention it's a boys world around here?

Recently I've noticed a growth spurt in him- both by way of mouth and of jeans! He seems to be randomly repeating a lot of our words, saying the same words often, and also adding new words to his vocabulary. Just yesterday he pointed to the turtle in our alphabet book and said "turtle" as plain as day. It's sweet to hear his little voice, and I can't wait to hear him talk more..or maybe I can, he's growing up way too fast! He surprises me daily with his increasing understanding of the world around him, and I couldn't be more grateful for the gift of watching him grow.

Lastly, this post would not be complete without a picture of his precious green blanket, or "bay bay banket" as he says. He's watching a snippet of his second favorite movie here, "Finding Nemo." I hate to say it but we may need to get him a goldfish soon!
The schedule: (This is mostly for my future babywise reference, please feel free to tune out here haha!)
The following routine is just the "bones" of our everyday schedule-we're an on the go team and fastly fill up the space in between with friends, playdates, parks, "mops," church, groceries, just plain mommy/son fun and more! In fact, this morning was likely our last at our library's "lapsit storytime" for a while, at least until we all settle into the slower pace of life with a newborn. Boy how things are going to change!

8am-Good morning!  It was my goal to get him sleeping in a bit later before baby #2 gets here, and I am SO grateful to have achieved this new and refreshing 8am wake up call.
12 noon-Lunch
12:45/1pm-3:30ish- Afternoon nap *Can I just give my child a round of applause here for consistently taking wonderful 3 hr naps everyday! We had a challenging stretch of time in dropping his first nap, but I'm happy to say that we're in a great groove now, and he's combined the two just perfectly(you know, most days).
6pm-Dinnertime, usually followed by his much loved bath time
7:45pm-Books & bed

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