Sunday, January 30, 2011

Looking back at 8 months

Evan is 9 months old now and has his well baby appointment this upcoming week. But, before he gets too big on me, I wanted to remember a few special things about 8 months.

At the beginning of month 8, my little man learned to sit up(from laying down) on his own. One day I walked into his room to get him up from a nap, and there he was sitting up and smiling at me. :-) The next day, he was standing. Standing! Needless to say, he hasn't looked back since.
 "Look at me mom!"

We also started a lot of new foods this month-spaghetti, macaroni, yogurt and chicken to name a few. My boy is such a good eater, and a bit of a glutten too! He may just eat us right out of house and home in a few years. ;-)
Speaking of eating, we've got not one but two bottom teethe now, and no doubt working on more as you can see.
 We also started pulling up and cruising this month. Oh my goodness my handsome boy is getting so big! I always think babies look so much older when they're standing up, and I'm not so sure I'm okay with that just yet. :-)
As a future note for myself, we did experience some sleep issues over this past month. First, I have to say that we are so thankful that our boy has always been a dream of a sleeper(thank you babywise!). So, you can imagine our shock when he began to randomly wake up once in the middle of the night, and then also earlier in the day. Add to that, he threw a wrench in our daytime nap schedule too by waking up earlier from naps or boycotting them all together. Thankfully, I think we're almost through this patch of sleep silliness and are now mostly back on schedule. The culprits? I'm guessing a growth spurt, with a pinch of teething and not so nice diapers that awoke him in the night.

Eight months was so fun for me, and I can't wait for nine! Evan's little personality is really peaking out now, and I love to see him learn and grow. He's so smiley and has the best disposition a mom could ask for. Thank you Lord for our healthy, happy baby boy!

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Anonymous said...

One of the best times of my day is looking at your blog and seeing that you've posted new pictures and thoughts. Evan is so lucky to have his early life chronicled.