Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crazy Eight

Evan is 8(and a half) months old now, and quite the handsome little man!

In big news, he's got not one but TWO bottom teeth coming through! We had a lot of "diaper" issues at the start, but otherwise he hasn't seemed too bothered by his first pearly whites.

Along with his new teethe, Evan's become a chatterbox in his crib. He goes down and wakes up in a sea of babbles. This month we've noticed a Jurassic difference in the volume of his nonsensical noises. I say Jurassic because at times they are quite dinosaur like!

Not too much has changed schedule wise since last month, except that we are mostly through with that third nap-which, as I was warned, currently equals pre-dinner meltdowns and a slightly earlier bedtime.

Perhaps the biggest new thing this month is his awesome army crawl! With proper motivation(read-puffs), Evan has become quite the little crawler. To my surprise, he has way more arm strength than I had thought as he primarily uses his arms to pull and scoot himself about. We're very much enjoying this "turtle" like stage. See for yourself...I'm sure by the time I post this it will be "old news" as he gets better and better everyday. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I think you could sell this video to puffs....a very strong motivator for a fine Army crawl. I love seeing him grow and learn. It was so so many years ago when we were monitoring each and every one of your milestones that I forgot how exciting it is! Love Gigi