Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adventures in the Kitchen take 1

In making the most of my new enthusiasm for stayathomemom-dom, I've resolved this week to try a few new recipes.

Cookbooks from the library-check
Apron-check (seriously, have you seen my collection?)
Inspiration from "The Food Network"-double check
A refined palette and willingness to try new things-let's just say we're working on it, one tomato slice at a time!

On Monday night I started the week off with a "Tomato Vegetable Minstrone" soup and garlic bread sticks, courtesy of Betty Crocker and insanely modified by yours truly.
First, I have to say my excitement for getting creative and trying new things was slightly dulled when my husband quickly informed me that a soup & bread dinner was in fact no dinner at all, due to the absence of a manly meat. Ohhh boy. My response? "Deal with it." Ahem, I mean..."It really is hearty dear and I know you're going to love it! :-)

Second, I admit I took a wide margin of creative license with the ingredients. Zucchini and beans in this house? HA! Like I said, I'm working on it. :-)

The verdict?
Surprise surprise, Chris loved it, and even had a second helping or two! It was the perfect complement to the rainy day outside. Unfortunately the tomato taste was a bit strong for my sensitive taste buds, but I ate it lest my mess in the kitchen be in vain. And, Evan even got a piece of the action with some spiral pasta of his own!

All in all, a simple, small step in the right direction. Next up, an apple tart. Wish me luck!

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Lori said...

First-- kudos on being willing to work on your "big girl" taste buds. Jonathan's had to grow up fast when he married me.

Second-- tell Chris that Jonathan eats many a meatless, soup & salad, or pasta dinner . . .good for you and easier on the wallet.