Thursday, September 30, 2010

Surf City Sink or Swim!

We had an awesome time vacationing with family at Topsail Island this week! Unfortunately, the sun decided to take a few days off with us! While it was wet and rainy for the majority of our stay, we did manage to squeeze in a few fun moments in the sun-there's nothing quite like the beach for a few relaxing days off! See...
The blustery weather kept us indoors a lot, but we sure did enjoy our beautiful ocean front beach house! Puzzles, Wii dancing and good food and great views kept us entertained in the rain. Chris was with us for just a few days, but was excited to squeeze in some skim boarding and colorful kite flying! Hopefully we can do this again next year and get more use out of our sunscreen-in any case, a very smiley Evan and I enjoyed spending some quality time with family-grands and great grands too. :-)

A big thank you to mom and dad for a wonderful time at the beach!


Lori said...

So pretty--never mind the weather! I always feel so close to God at the beach--it reminds you of how very small we are and how VERY BIG He is! Glad you had a nice time. We missed you Sunday!

Anonymous said...

It would not have been near as much fun if you guys with our little Evan had not been there...he is my special buddy and I'd like to think his smiles are just for me, but he really seems happy to see everyone..his smiles just say "Great to be seeing you!"
The sky really looks blue in the photos...I'd forgotten that there was a "blue sky" If all is well with the world, next year is definitely a go! Oh, and the pics reminded me of my favorite time (except for time with little Evan), it was playing Beached Whale in the you have more photos of that? Love Gigi