Monday, September 13, 2010

Lessons Learned

This week, we learned a few lessons around here....

Lesson #1. The jig is up. It's official, my name is not Bobby Flay and I canNOT cook chinese food. This one is best left to the experts-thank you Jumbo China for saving the day.

2. On the foodie note, Chris is a bad bannana picker. ;-)

3. Ponytail holders are a mommy's best friend, and I should have one handy in every room of the house.

4. Evan may be the cutest little camel ever!
Orange is definitely his color. :-)


jeanna said...

I quite agree with you on the last comment!

Anonymous said...

Orange is his color, Fall must be his season! Don't give up on the oriental cuisine. Just think of it as Mt Fuji...keep climbing and you'll get to the top! Love Gigi