Friday, September 10, 2010


So, before these Scott family happenings become old(-er) news, I present to you some random "re-enactments."

A few weeks ago, a very special package arrived at our doorstep. And this apple isn't red!
That's right folks, we got a brand new, totally awesome MACnificent computer. Chris has been saving up for this computer for a while now and after graduation, we were finally able to order it. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty amazing. Plus, I got a free Ipod out of the deal thanks to Apple's back to school specials! :-) We are so thankful to have a reliable family computer to enjoy for years to come.
On the house front, were officially on the market for rent. After a sit down with our realtor, we decided that because of the current real estate slump, the most advantageous thing for us to do at the moment is to rent-to wait for the market to turn around, and continue to build equity. While this wasn't the ideal situation, we're happy to move forward and hope to find the perfect renters-and soon!

Soon because Chris is now officially working in Wilson-woo hoo! Perhaps the most exciting new happening around here is that Chris started his job with BB&T a few weeks ago and is really enjoying it. We can't wait to make the move and finally be closer to our church, our family, and work. :-)

Last but not least, we narrowly escaped a new car payment in an unfortunate turn of events with my car. Long story short, we've been having an ongoing issue with the beloved Honda of mine, but it finally decided to kick it, and on Chris' first day of the new job no less! Almost 2 weeks later, I'm happy to report that it found the will to live again! Having the car towed and driving a rental during the many days it was in the shop was definitely not a welcome surprise, but hey life happens! In the end, I'm thankful to have a safe, dependable car to drive now-and no car payments certainly cushion the blow a bit!

Cars, computers, new jobs, renting the house...I think that covers the catch up. Tomorrow were headed to Campbell, my Alma mater, for a wedding!!! :-) No doubt many pictures to come.

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Amy K said...

oh, you guys didn't say that Chris is working at BB& mama works at one of them in Clinton. Jessica's husband, Josh, works at one in Fayetteville as a teller.