Saturday, September 25, 2010

Evan at 5 Months...Already?!!

 I can't believe my sweet baby boy is 5 months old today! Where did the time go? We are miles and miles away from the lovely, limp, always sleepy and wholly dependent newborn we took home from the hospital. Evan is such a big baby now-super alert, smiley, standing, sitting(almost) and gagagooing all the day long. He is so much fun! Just recently he's been grabbing out for everything within arms reach-including Piper! He is ticklish, very social and loves being around people-such a ham already!

Toys are becoming funner by the day now as he becomes more and more interactive with them. And true to the boy within, it's no surprise that balls are most captivating. Also captivating his attention like none other are the "Backyardigains." We don't watch too much tv, but he loves him some backyardigans. We like to sing songs dance around the living room with them-Pablo the penguin is his favorite. :-)

Lastly, while Evan is a sweet & snuggly mommy's boy through and through, no one can make him laugh quite like Daddy. :-)

(Warning: The rest of this post is going to be terribly boring-I just wanted to write these details down for my personal reference and remembering.)

Our schedule at 5 months:
To sum it up, Evan is nursing every 3.5 hours, and takes two good naps a day with one shorter, less structured snooze towards the end of the day. The biggest change to our routine has been the addition of solids, which I've added at more traditional "breakfast, lunch & dinner" times-rice cereal at breakfast, a fruit at lunch and a veggie at dinner. The introduction of solid foods hasn't changed our nursing at all, but rather acted as an extra complement-a cherry on top if you will. :-) Evan just LOVES to eat, and is giddy even at the sight of his highchair. Here's what a typical day looks like...

7am-Rise and Shine!
7-7:30am-Nurse, topped off w/ a spoonfull of rice cereal
8am-Morning walk outside folllowed by playtime
9-10:30-Morning nap
10:45-noon-Playtime, errands
12:00-A fruity jar of "Earths Best" organic baby food for lunch. Apples this week-pears next!
12:30-2pm: Afternoon nap
2:30-4:30 Playtime
4:30-5:15ish Last little snooze of the day
6ish-A veggie for dinner-so far Sweet Potatoes take the cake!
Then playtime(and bathtime) until...

Of course work, church, and life in general often shake up the schedule a bit-and that's okay! Now that our routine is pretty well established, I can kindly welcome flexibility into our know, as long as it doesn't interfere with naptime. ;-)

Happy 5 months little love of my life!

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