Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello Highchair

On Saturday we ventured to "BabiesRUs," armed with anxious anticipation and a google of knowledge on highchairs and feeding firsts. With great excitement we fandangled the very big box into our (not so big) car and headed home to assemble Evan's brand new adventure-a highchair!

I'd originally intended on waiting until Evan was at least 5 months to start solids, but with some encouragement from our pediatrician at our 4 month well baby, we decided to go ahead and start, very slowly, at 4 and a half months. Rice cereal and Gerber spoon in hand, and outfitted with new colorful bowls just for the occasion, Evan took his very first big boy bite-and loved it!
Such a big boy!

Happy in his highchair!

We're now on day 3 and he's become a quick pro-no surprises here, this boy loves to eat!! I thought for sure that he'd be more interested in chomping the spoon instead of his food, or that he'd have trouble swallowing, turn into a major gassy pants or just downright be not interested-of course my worries were all for naught, and I'm happy to report we've run into none of the above!  I'm so thankful to have had a great experience meeting this new milestone with my growing baby boy, one teaspoon at a time. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Wow...happy is not the word for the look on this grandbaby's face...more like I just won the lottery!