Saturday, August 21, 2010

Meal Planning Review

So I hopped back on the meal planning wagon about 2 weeks ago, and I've gotta say I'm enjoying the ride! Sure, there have been bumps-a trip or two to Target for poorly planned mozzarella, and some list busters like ice cream shoppe poptarts(who could resist?)-but for the most part things are going swimmingly. :-) Here's what dinner looked like this week:

Saturday: Chicken & Cous Cous
Sunday: Taco Skillet
Monday: Homemade Pizza (It was AWESOME, and I froze half the dough for another time)
Tuesday: Chicken Teryaki a la Stouffers
Wednesday: Spaghetti & garlic bread (Made double on Tuesday for friends)
Thursday: Errands = eating out
Friday: Lori's Chicken Poppy Seed dish, rolls & farmer's market corn *Yes Lori, we named it after you!

Unfortunately, we busted the grocery budget for this past week-boo! But it's bound to happen on some weeks and things always balance out by months end. For example, this week our bill was much higher because we bought chicken and ground beef, plus diapers and dog food. Of course those things are part of life and list, but they don't happen every week. And because we got our main proteins last week, they spill over into this week's dinners and voile, that's $10 off our bill. So for the most part, I'm happy to say that were staying within our monthly, if not weekly budget, and cooking much more efficiently around here. Success!

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