Thursday, August 12, 2010

Evan's "Imaginings"

I was reading one of my more traveled blogs recently, and saw a link to this amazingly creative mama's blog. It's called "Mila's Day Dreams" and is about a lady who dresses up her baby girl and creates scenes around her while she sleeps, and then photographs her "day dreams."

Like this:
"Mila had a little lamb"

and this..."laundry day"
It's a little crazy and a lot artsy, and I LOVE it! Being totally inspired, Evan and I had a little fun ourselves. A culinary creation if you will. :-) So here's our scene, welcome to chef Evan's "imaginings" in the kitchen!

Of course he's not quite dreaming, but awake and "imagining." I only wish I had some masculine apron's around the house, even the non-pink one's are driping in girly patterns! Next time(when I find some time haha)I'm envisioning a "David and Goliath" type scene. Call me a dork, but I'm super excited and already casting stuffed animals for the role of goliath. ;-)

(OK-back to reality-dishes, paint touch ups, mountain of work emails to sort through, diapers to trash, dog to walk, ect. ect.)


Anonymous said...

How cute is this....I can see I'm going to have to get some new Imaginings pictures for my desk! Back to cleaning for me, I"m hoping your father doesn't catch me taking this break because he had been in the yard most of the afternoon and in the morning he shaved and washed Murry!

Love you all. Gigi

Shayna said...

That's real cute, Rebecca!! :)