Monday, August 2, 2010

Birthdays and Microwaves!

Last Thursday we celebrated my 25th birthday-that's right, I'm now a quarter century old! That night we celebrated with cake and presents, but saved my special lunch for the weekend since I had signed us up to take dinner over to some old friends with a new baby. Chris surprised me with a picnic basket full of fun, cupcake centered baking accessories, and my much anticipated new couch pillows-pictures coming soon. :-) The flowers were Evan's idea...he is one sweet & thoughtful kiddo! On Saturday, my family came up and had lunch with us. My mom and I share close July birthdays, so it's nice to celebrate together. :-) Afterwards, the girls went out shopping while my dad stayed behind to help Chris install our new over the range microwave. We've been talking about it for so long, it was nice to see our home improvement plans spring to life!

Thanks to my handy manny's, the microwave went in relatively easily, and looks great! I just love my kitchen and am so thankful for this new upgrade. Hopefully this will really help to set our home apart when we eventually put it on the market-which God willing will be very soon! Unfortunately our shopping trip was not as successful, with a limited space of time and a sick sister in the car-but hey, that's life! By the end of the day Chris and I were beat and settled in for a very early bedtime-the best kind of Saturday if you ask me!

Chris and I had a special lunch at Ragazzi's to top off the long birthday weekend, and it was mmm mmm good! Their bread sticks are to die for-my mouth waters just to think of them...the doughy garlic goodness, swimming in butter and sprinkled Parmesan cheese....yum! It's a relatively new restaurant in our area, so to top it off we get their coupons in our money mailers regularly, making it a Scott family favorite for sure! After lunch we said good riddance to our outdated and overworked space hoarder of a microwave, and took a short trip to BabiesRUs before bathtime, church(Chris played for the youth at a local church here in Raleigh) and a movie. I love my life at 25!

Here are my parents standing beside our newly installed microwave, holding perhaps my favorite present of all. :-)


Lisa B. said...

I knew your birthday had to include cupcakes!! Glad to hear you had such a wonderful day/weekend. Birthdays should always be special.

Anonymous said...

I don't look like I lost 10 pounds, just every bit of 51 years. Maybe my new Primer will work miracles. LOL Gigi

BoldLion said...

I am glad that you all had a wonderful time and cupcake and other things too. I do hope that you will enjoy your microwave too.

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion