Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meal Planning Palooza

I love the idea of meal planning. Not only does it save money, but it also cuts back on those countless "runs" to the grocery store for this and that during the week. When I take the time to prudently sit out and plan our weekly groceries, we are far less apt to go out to eat on a whim and are also able to keep those pesky impulse buys in check. Planning equals saving-I love it, and so does our budget!

Unfortunately, even the best laid plans are hit and miss at times.
I have a confession...
I have fallen off the meal planning wagon! For say, oh the last three months or so haha! Admittedly, my meal planning skills probably took a tumble towards the last trimester of my pregnancy, and I've been diving backwards ever since. Blush.

But now I am newly motivated and resolved once again to plan. This is me jumping onto that "meal planning Monday's" blog carnival and whipping my kitchen into shape. I get so many good ideas from other bloggers who do this. So here it goes, week 1 back in the meal planning saddle-wish me luck!

Saturday- Taco salad & Spanish rice
Sunday- Dinner out at Pei Wei
Monday- Chili w/ honey cornbread
Tuesday- Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo w/ broccoli
Wednesday-Hamburgers on the grill w/ fries
Thursday-Chicken Parmesan w/ Ceaser salad
Friday- Date night @ Shane's ribshack

Yogurts w/ granola
Bananas, Grapes
Lemon poppyseed muffins (will make in "mini" pan and separate into ziplock bags)

Michaelina's frozen meals
Chicken noodle soup
Spaghettio Raviolios
Hot dogs w/ fruit side

Snacks & sidekicks:
Baby carrots
Apple slices w/ caramel
Cinnamon graham crackers
BBQ baked lays (My special item of the week)
"Take the Cake" ice cream (Chris' special pick)

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jeanna said...

Your meal planning is much more specific than mine, even down to the snacks, you go girl. Sometimes my problem is that I don't want to eat what I have picked for the night, but then I have to fix it anyway. I need to jump back on the band wagon too, thanks for the encouragment!