Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Extra, Extra...Read all about it!

Making headlines this week in the latest Scott family news:
Rolling over(back to belly) and giggling!! Is there any sweeter sound?And last but not least, Evan started blowing Rasberries this week. At 3 months, he is full of new surprises every day, and wouldn't trade my front row seat for anything! Oh, and a last bit of news-we started the transition from eating every 3 hours to now 3.5 hours, and as a result going from 4 naps/day to 3. On day three of this growing boy's newly changed routine, I'm pleasantly surprised at how well he's taken to it-so far so good! It's been easy as pie really, praise the Lord!

And speaking of pie-a celebration one is in order soon...BIG NEWS to come!


Anonymous said...

This is an adorable picture! Gigi

Lori said...

Such a big boy!