Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday at the Museum

In honor of Evan's one month birthday(can you believe it?!), we took a family outing to the newly renovated NC art museum. Being housebound for almost 4 weeks has left mama itching for some fresh air, sunshine and adult sophistication. ;-) Thankfully, there was a brief break in the clouds for our trip and the weather was just right for walking around the museum grounds and through the Rodin sculpture garden. The museum has improved leaps and bounds from the time we last visited, and Chris and I really enjoyed it's new clean, colorful and modern makeover. After the "Night at the Museum" movie series, I giggle to myself thinking what kind of midnight this museum would come alive to with it's great(and somewhat sporadic?) diversity of artists, periods and peices. In any case, we enjoyed our fun "day" at the museum, and hope to go back soon for some special upcoming exhibits.

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Lori said...

So glad you enjoyed it! Good pics.