Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Few Firsts

Evan is one week old now and is such a sweet, good natured babe. Chris and I are doing wonderful and can't imagine a better baby-of course we may be a tad partial. :-) Our little guy is a great eater & sound sleeper, and is falling into a nice routine already. Aside from one hard night, baby E has amazed us by sleeping sweetly through the night-we simply set the alarm for his feedings and wake him up to eat, then right back to bed and sleep. Hopefully he'll keep it up!

Evan has had a handful of fun visitors over this past week, and Chris and I have been spoiled by kindness of friends, family, and especially our church, who is faithfully providing us with meals for Evan's first two weeks. I'm feeling better and better everyday and look forward to feeling 100% again.

In other Scott family headlines, we got Piper back from my parents yesterday and are so happy to report that he has been just wonderful with Evan! Thankfully, he has been so sweet and gentle around baby E, and likes to lay down right beside him. He seems to have easily accepted him as part of our family "pack" and it looks like they're going to be great friends!

Here are a few "firsts" over the past week:

First time in the carrier with daddy First visit to the pediatricians-and he did so well! For Chris & I, the first time filling in our own names under "mother" and "father" instead of our parents.
First time in the bouncer & stroller

First family walk!


jeanna said...

all the firsts are so fun, what a joy, i can't wait to see you guys tonight!

BoldLion said...
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Lori said...

SOOO cute! Can't wait to see those cheeks in person tonight!