Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter, Spring Cleaning and more!

This past Easter weekend was a full one-on Saturday our church held its annual Spring Festival and on Sunday we celebrated Easter with a great Sunday service and some good ole' chocolate bunnies! We hold the cross of Christ central and celebrate the greatness of the risen Savior all year round and every Sunday, but Easter always offers a nice pause for extra reflection and thankfulness. We have so much to be grateful for!

At 38 weeks we are so close to meeting our first son(nope, it hasn't quite sunken in yet, and probably won't until we've got him in the carseat on the way home!). A garden of lovely stretchmarks has sprouted over my belly, and my ankles have officially taken a vacation-where they've gone no one knows, lol. At this point I feel like there's a kitchen timer or sorts ticking away somewhere, getting closer and closer to the buzzer-if only I could see it and know how close we are!

Now we are in nesting mode-I want to bring this babe home to a clean house! Chris has been a great help recently as my bending over/moving heavy awkward things skills have all but gone away-who knew dust busting, vacuuming and taking clothes out of the dryer could be something to be taken for granted, lol. In any case I'm glad for the help! Otherwise I think I can confidently say we've got all our T's crossed and I's dotted as best as we can, though I'm sure I'll find room for more "proof reading" in the coming days and weeks until baby's big debut. :-)

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